Starting with community license and evolving

Hi there,

I have a practical question regarding the NServiceBus licensing model.
If I want to start with 2 logical endpoints in production (Azure PaaS), I can use the community edition. Do I need a physical license in this scenario (cfr. endpoint configuration)? If so, can I obtain such a license via the “contact us” form on the license page?

What if my application grows and more logical endpoints are added in production? Should I contact you again to tell you about the “new situation” regarding the logical endpoints in order to get an updated license?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hi @Ruben ,

NServiceBus endpoints start with a trial license automatically. After that can obtain a license from us via that contact method, or email us at After you obtained a community license via us, you’ll also remain access (after the trial period) to the platform tools.

If the situation changes, you can indeed again contact us.

Dennis van der Stelt

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By the way, if you’re getting started with NServiceBus, perhaps it’s an idea to check out this page: