Support for Azure Service Bus Message Sessions?

Based on the documentation for the Azure Service Bus transport it doesn’t appear that NServiceBus has support for message sessions. I understand that concurrency and out of order message delivery is something that developers should take into account, but when an underlying transport has an elegant solution to a common problem, it would be nice to be able to tap into it. Is there a plan to support this feature in the future? or perhaps it is already supported and I just haven’t found the documentation or it?

Thanks, Craig F.

Hi Craig,

You’re correct. The transport does not support sessions or ordered message delivering. Ordered messaging is always tricky. There’s a good blog post about it, You don’t need ordered delivery, I recommend to look at. When you need to handle out of order messages, NServiceBus offers that option with Saga feature. There’s a nice tutorial on the topic that can be of help.

Hope that helps.