Support for .NET 5

Hi everyone,

We now support running NServiceBus on .NET 5. We confirm that all runtime features that NServiceBus depends on have been tested — both on Linux and Windows.

Note that there are some restrictions when using NServiceBus with .NET 5:

We have also released version NServiceBus 7.4.7, which fixes an issue with single file deployment in .NET 5.

Where to get it

You can install the new version of NServiceBus from NuGet.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

Please read our release policy for more details.

I am having a issue where Dictionary<string,object> is not deserialized properly. This only seems to happen when them message is of type Event

         "FieldAnswers": {
    "Id": {
      "$type": "System.Text.Json.JsonElement, System.Text.Json",
      "ValueKind": 3
    "MerchantId": {
      "$type": "System.Text.Json.JsonElement, System.Text.Json",
      "ValueKind": 3

What serializer is this? ( ?)

I am not using that serializer? Should I use it?

I am doing the following:


See answer in Dictionary<string,object> does not seem to be deserialized properly

Tried that still not working… maybe i am doing something wrong.

It is weird because it works when i use Send… it is not working when using Publish

Lets discus this over at the other thread