Two containers, always resolve ITransactionalSession properly from only one of them

Long story short, we’re on a huge migration path from MSQM, WCF, ASPNET MVC etc into a more modern setup. On this journey, we have ended up with some hosts running two containers: One for the main container that boots up as a .Net Generic Host, and one that boots up along with an ASPNET Core (2.1) app as a Background Service.

Most stuff works fine, but since ASP.NET Core 2.1 seems to boot up with a separate container, we can’t resolve ITransactionalSession from within a controller context.

Is there some way to properly add ITransactionalSession + all it’s dependencies in the ASP.NET Core container? Ideally I’m looking for some kind of services.AddNServiceBusInternalsToSupportTransactionalSession(), although I do indeed see that our setup is likely quite…an edge case.

Any good way to fix this in a proper, reliable manner without hidden side effects that hits us in the face half a year into production?

We don’t provide anything out of the box to do that for you.

My first instinct would be to find a way to collapse the containers so they contain the same set of services. Something like this c# - Multiple hosts with the same DI container - Stack Overflow

I haven’t tested this but it might give you a way forward.

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This might be similar to the question that was asked in

I have spiked an approach at the time that is outlined in

and here the PR Multi-hosting on the same generic host sharing a container by danielmarbach · Pull Request #4813 · Particular/ · GitHub

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