Type specified in JSON 'mymessage' was not resolved

I have a pretty simple POC sln that I am trying to demo to my Dev team. It is using Core 3.1 and currently has 2 proj in it; ProfessionalLevels.Messages and ProfessionalLevels.ServiceBus. While referencing the messages proj does not cause any kind of build errors, when I attempt to run the solution and post a message to the queue table I get the following error:

NServiceBus.MessageDeserializationException: An error occurred while attempting to extract logical messages from incoming physical message 8a58486d-020e-c919-3ddb-bbff6c96b7dc\r\n —> Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: Type specified in JSON ‘CreateMemberTaskCredit’ was not resolved. Path ‘$type’, line 1, position 33.

I did rename the message class early on in the development, and after chatting with a Particular dev I decided to recreate the entire sln. After that I still get the error. Here is a GitHub repo that contains the solution, I just used the Order table from the Native Integration Sql Sample

Problem was resolved by removing the Namespaces from each class.

I’m glad that the problem is solved. For my curiosity, did you start your POC using an existing sample from the docs website and tweaked it?

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I used the SQLNativeIntegration sln as a template but I did build my own sln and classes.