Unable to Submit Topic with Method Name in Title

I was recently unable to submit a topic with a method name it the title because I was getting an error telling me it did not appear to be a complete sentence. I ended up having to reword the title to remove the method name from it in order to be able to submit it. However, this makes the question harder to find if someone else is trying to search for information on the same method in the future.

The title I tried to use was “How Do I Configure MakeInstanceUniquelyAddressable for Use with Callbacks in IIS?” and I was able to post it when I renamed it to the less specific “How Do I Configure IIS for Use with Callbacks?” that removes the fact that I specifically want information on MakeInstanceUniquelyAddressable.

For future reference, is there some way I can override these checks if I am sure that my title makes sense?

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I’ll have a look at settings what prevented you from using that title.
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Appreciated!

There’s a setting called title min entropy which is on its default value. This is the first time we’re getting a remark for it, but I’ll keep an eye out if this happens more often. We’ll investigate a bit more to decide which setting to set it to then.

Again, thanks for the heads up!