Unattended Install of ServiceControl


(Mat McLoughlin) #1


Looking for a way to silently install a service control instance. Looks like it used to be a case of using an unattended file. Now I’m not sure as the doco still says to do this but the powershell commands for generating one says it depreciated.

Is there any new doco on this that I’m missing?

(William Brander) #2

Hey Mat

Yeah, the unattended file has been deprecated (but for some reason the generation part hasn’t been deprecated - we should fix that), but the uninstall still works if you provide the parameters directly. Sort of like:

New-ServiceControlInstance -Name ServiceControl -InstallPath c:/servicecontrol -DBPath d:/data/db -LogPath d:/data/logs -Port 33333 -ErrorQueue error -AuditQueue audit -ErrorLogQueue errorlog -AuditLogQueue auditlog -Transport MSMQ -ForwardAuditMessages:$false -ForwardErrorMessages:$false -AuditRetentionPeriod 01:00:00 -HostName * -ErrorRetentionPeriod 10:00:00:00;

You can see this in a docker container here if you want an example