Update to Service Control from v 1.34.0 to v 2.0.2 did not worked

(Vasco Lopes) #1

We had some issues while during the update of the Service Control from v 1.34.0 to v2.0.2
We follow the steps indicated but it stopped in the middle of the migration
In the middle of the migration there was a message saying “particular.servicecontrol has stopped working” … and then it was reported on the upgrade progress the message

“Issues upgrading instance: could not upgrade instance because of the following errors: ServiceControl.exe threw an error when migrating data. Please contact Particular support. The error output from ServiceControl.exe was: Unhandled exception: Raven.Abstractions.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled …”

Now when I open the Pulse indicates the ServiceControl is at v 2.0.2 but I see 2 DB Raven process running on the box and the ServiceControl Maintenance Utility also does not allows me to retry the update of the ServiceControl so not sure if this is correctly setup or what to do at the moment. Any thoughts will be very helpfull


(Daniel Marbach) #2

Hi vasco

Can you send the logs as well as information about the DB size to support at particular.net? We will then follow up with you and discuss further details.

When you have two instances running it means the migration of the storage is still in progress but the tool crashed during the storage upgrade and thus the progress indication is gone. It is possible that the migration will still successfully finish. The ravendb log should give us insights into what is happening. You c either give it a few more hours and then the second process should be gone (done) and the restart should work or you stop all the processes, restore the backup, migrate first to the latest 1.x release and then give it another go. But please send us the logs, with the further details we can stabilize the migration process.

Regards daniel

(William Brander) #3

Hey Vasco

I suspect you are running into a problem relating to too many types of data migrations going on at once due to such a large version bump. Going from version 1.34.0 to 2.0.2 will involve 2 internal data migrations (one at version 1.39.0 and one at 1.41.3) as well as a larger data storage migration. This could cause be the source of your problem.

I think Daniel’s suggestion of rolling back is the best - and safest - idea.

If that is not an option, please raise a support ticket via the support channel so that we can work directly with you to get the upgrade completed.