Updates to Nhibernate?

(Gudmundur Magnusson) #1


Just wondering, are there any plans to update the NServicebus Nhibernate packages to rely on 5.X ?
As it is now the dependency is forced to version 4.


(David Boike) #2

Hi Gudmundur,

I’m curious, what is your desired timeline for using NHibernate 5, and what version of NServiceBus are you hoping to target?

We’re definitely planning to support NHibernate 5, but it may not be until a version after NServiceBus.NHibernate 8.0 (which targets NServiceBus 7 and NHibernate 4) which is currently in RC. As NHibernate 5 contains significant breaking changes and isn’t a drop-in replacement, we’re still discussing how to handle versioning and how (or whether) to support it with NServiceBus 6.


(Gudmundur Magnusson) #3

Hi David.

We are using NServiceBus in several projects, one or two of them are using Fluent NHibernate along with NServiceBus 6.4.X. So i would like to be able upgrade Fluent NHibernate to the latest version.

As for the timeline, the sooner, the better :slight_smile: