Upgrade NServiceBus 3 to 7.8.2 - Sagas with RequestUTCTimeout


I have read all upgrade guides from version 3 to 7 and I can’t find anything about the API change for RequestUTCTimeout. I understand that it has been replaced by RequestTimeout but I would like to know if there are any fundamental changes between the two methods? In order word, do we need to do something extra in order to request a UTC timeout?

Michel Deblois

Hey Michel,

The change to DateTimeOffset shouldn’t require too many changes on your side. If all of your dates and times were from a single timezone already then it should make almost no difference whatsoever.

Here is the reference in the upgrade guide on the change: Upgrade Version 7 to 8 • NServiceBus • Particular Docs which includes a brief explanation of why the change was made.

No, just ensure you are passing a DateTimeOffset as passing a DateTime will be implicitly converted by .NET and you are good. Internally all passed values are converted to UTC and triggered on UTC timestamp.