Upgrade PSP database


(Tom Nannerb) #1


We have an old PSP instance server running v1.40, and would like to copy the database across to a new server instance running v3.1.

  • Will the database be upgraded on the first run of the PSP v3.2?

  • Can the old database from v1.40 be copied in place to the new server? The idea is to perform a network flip over to the new server and be running as business as usual.

  • or does the copying of the database from old server require the PSP v1.40 on the old server to be stopped prior?

It would be appreciated if this can be answered,

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(William Brander) #2

Hi Tom

The recommended approach is to upgrade the 1.40.0 instance to 1.48.0 first, then upgrade to version 2.1.5, and finally to upgrade to version 3.2.1.

The process seems very cumbersome but is completely necessary due to the database changes that happen at each step. Trying to shortcut the process by copying the database across is a risky procedure as multiple data migration steps will try to run at the same time on the same data set which will almost certainly result in a corrupt database in a potentially irrecoverable state.

(Tom Nannerb) #3

Many thanks @WilliamBZA for your prompt reply.

Makes sense as we have done that route in upgrading incrementally on a test machine.

I would hazard a guess this would be only necessary if there’s a requirement to retain the existing database from the v1.40.

If there’s no requirement to retain it, can jump straight to v3.2.1.

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(William Brander) #4

Correct, if there’s no reason to retain the database you could simply remove the current instance and add a new one to replace it.