What is the future for NSB with the emerging of dapr

What is the future of NSB with the rise of Dapr

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Could you please clarify what specifically are you looking for when it come to NServiceBus and dapr?

I have the same interrogation.
For nservicebus, i’m look for features like saga, outbox, abstraction of transporter, monitoring of the bus (not distributed tracing).
For dapr, I’m looking for an abstraction of principle for microservice and easily do a service from multiple language.
With dapr, for me, when we want to talk between service using a broker (pattern pu/sub), in reality we call an dapr abstraction by a rest call and dapr will do the job.
If dapr integrate the feature like saga, outbox, etc, and provide an abstraction of these features, we will have a nservicebus but multi-platform.
For me, it seems an idea to look forward.