What is the value proposition of NServiceBus.Extensions.Logging over NServiceBus.MicrosoftLogging

Seems https://github.com/Particular/NServiceBus.Extensions.Logging is a duplicate of https://github.com/NServiceBusExtensions/NServiceBus.MicrosoftLogging

Given NServiceBus.MicrosoftLogging has been around and working for 16 months, i dont understand why a new competing project would need to be created?

G’day Simon,

The reasons why we created this package are the following:

We are currently maintaining a few logger integration packages for the following loggers:

  • Log4net
  • NLog
  • CommonLogging

We think that with the introduction of Microsoft.Extensions.Logging it no longer makes sense for us to provide custom logging adapters for logging frameworks that already have integration for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. With the new package we started deprecating the current logger adapters and provide customers an officially package that they can transition to. At the same time when they move to that package they also get a broader set of supported concrete loggers (e.g Serilog)

For us that means we maintain one package while previously the relationship between packages and loggers was 1:1.

There is also the issue of support. Our customers are officially supported only when using a Particular package. The new package allows them getting support from us, if and when they need it.



You only explained the value of targeting Microsoft.Extensions.Logging, which i agree with. but you didnt actually answer my question

What is the value proposition of NServiceBus.Extensions.Logging over NServiceBus.MicrosoftLogging?