Where does message go when calling DelayDeliveryWith() for MSMQ transport and NServiceBus 6?

When delaying message dispatch using MSMQ as transport and NServiceBus 6, where does the message go to be deferred? Input queue? A different queue? etc.


MSMQ transport will rely on the timeout storage configured for the endpoints. You’ll need to check what persister is configured to be used.

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Thanks Sean, looks like the current config for StorageType.Timeouts is InMemoryPersistence. Does that mean any messages we dispatch using DelayDeliveryWith() are non-durable? Aka, they never are en-queued before being stored in memory by the Timeout manager?

Sounds right. While it’s OK for development, this is not good for production.
If there’s an outage, delayed messages will be lost.

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