Your usage of MongoDB

Hi all,

We are currently checking the market interest in a MongoDB persister for NServiceBus.If you don’t mind I would love to ask you a few questions about that. It should not take more than a few minutes to answer. You can either directly reply to this thread (publicly) or send me an email to daniel dot marbach at particular dot net

Are you using MongoDB together with NServiceBus and what persistence are you using to achieve that?
Are you using MongoDB elsewhere and for what purpose? And why did you choose MongoDB?
If you are using MongoDB do you have plans to further use it or even spread the adoption of MongoDB in your company for various other projects and why?
If you had to move away from MongoDB what would be your natural choice of technology for NoSQL type problems?
If you aren’t using MongoDB with NServiceBus yet would you be interested in a persister and if yes why?

Thank you very much for your input in advance.


Hi Daniel,

We are currently using NSB6 with MongoPersistance (MongoDB Samples • NServiceBus • Particular Docs)
Our goal is to update to NSB7 but we find this point blocking.
We chose MongoDb because we already used it for our application database and wantesd to re-use the same infrasctructure.
We are very interested in knowing if you plan to implement the MongoDb persistance to plan our migration to NSB7.


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Thanks Enrich for your input!