CPU spike on ServiceControl Audit instance


PFB version detail -
ServicePulse v1.28.0
ServiceControl v4.16.0
ServiceControl Monitoring v4.16.0

On production its observed more CPU spike on ServiceControl Audit instance, is there any recommendation on server capacity where servicecontrol installed ? any other recommendation to fix this issue

gone through - ServiceControl hits 100% CPU frequently , let me know any specific things we can check to fix this issue.


Hi Nirav,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you have issues.

Are the spikes happening constantly or only occasionally? ServiceControl CPU load can depend upon various factors, including the spikes of messages that are coming into the audit queue, for example. During peak time, ServiceControl has much data to ingest and process. We have some more guidance available at

I assume you have already disable the Antivirus for the data path of ServiceControl?

Have you considered upgrading to a more recent version of ServiceControl?


Thanks @danielmarbach for response, still working on changes related to antivirus, does new version of ServiceControl provide additional benefit for this issue ? also is there any other changes required to update ServiceControl version or it should not impact anything else ?

Hi Nirav,

No, there should be no other changes required other than upgrading the installer, and then you can lift your ServiceControl version to the current version.

Version 4.16 is from March 2021. We have since then made many bugfixes, feature enhancements and more. Some of these changes are related to better throughput and performance for the audit instance. I would generally recommend keeping ServiceControl reasonably current if possible.