ServiceControl hits 100% CPU frequently

(Kevin Ison) #1

We are having an issue and it appears that ServiceControl is really putting the CPU through a beating. I have turned off audit log forwarding… but that has not helped much. What other kinds of things do I need to take a look at?

(Ramon Smits) #2

ServiceControl is very resource intensive as its a database which is storing potentially every message within your system. It also updates a full-text search for every message received.

See the following for some more info:

How many messages are being ingested per second and what are the hardware specifications of your server?

– Ramon

(Kevin Ison) #3

Server is 2012 R2, 32G Ram 250GB hard drive (its a VM), 2 cores. This server is set up to handle messaging and endpoints/ rest api and thats it… I have turned off the audit log but it still seems to consume a lot of CPU…

(Mike Minutillo) #4

Which version of ServiceControl is affected? Is this a new instance or has the instance been running for a while and this problem has just started?

(Ramon Smits) #5

Is ServiceControl also very busy while there are no messages flowing in the system?

In the past there was a bug in ServiceControl which could result in alot of IO when ServiceControl started. You might be affected by that bug, so make sure you are running the latest version.

(Kevin Ison) #6

The instance has been running for a while.

(Kevin Ison) #7

@ramonsmits It varies. There is a lot of trafiic during production hours. Off hours there does not appear to be a lot of activity, but servicecontrol will appear to be active although not as much. We are also noticing a lot of problems with Sophos, which had to be retuned on the box and helped a little so…

Just trying to scale back any activity that is not really needed. Like audit log forwarding and I have set retention to just 1 day.

(Ramon Smits) #8

It is recommended to exclude data folders from the SC installation.

Are you running the latest version of ServiceControl? As stated, in the past there was a bug that resulted in a lot of resource consumption after ServiceControl got restarted and you have a database containing a lot of data.

(Kevin Ison) #9

Actually we are not running the latest. It is on my todo to get this updated though. I passed on the information to our NETOPS who handle Sophos setup and hopefully that will be taken care of.

I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!