NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.StorageQueues – package will be archived

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to archive the NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.StorageQueues preview package. For more detail, see the sections below.

Note that this is not an irreversible decision, nor does it mean that our platform will never provide anything to help you use this combination of Azure features. Our job is to make your life easier, and we’ll continue to monitor the evolution of these features to see where we can help.

Why are we archiving the package?

We haven’t seen sufficient interest in the package to justify its continued maintenance.

What does “archiving” mean?

Archiving doesn’t mean the NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.StorageQueues package will no longer be available. It means that Particular Software will no longer maintain the package. More specifically:

  • Particular Software will not make any further code changes. No new versions will be released.
  • The package will be deprecated on the NuGet gallery.
  • Documentation and samples will be moved from our documentation site to the package’s code repository.
  • The package’s code repository will be archived.

The archived repository will remain public and anyone may fork it and modify the code to suit their needs.

What can be done if this affects you

If you are affected by this decision, there are two options available to you:

If you need recommendations or assistance, or if you feel this decision will cause you significant problems, please let us know.

When will we archive the package?

We expect to archive NServiceBus.AzureFunctions.StorageQueues in a few weeks from now. Until then, everything will remain as-is. When the package is archived, we’ll make another announcement.

With thanks,
The team in Particular

Please read our previews support policy for more details.

Previews page should be updated to indicate the change.

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